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Made with a quart jar, twisted wire handle and a night light size light. Comes decorated.   $25.00


Setting and walking cats carrying a mouse. $20.00 each

These are candy/nut dispensers, one, two and three holes and one with a quart jar. The one with three holes hold York peppermint patties (if they can be found wrapped in foil) in the center. Wood is oak. Limited quantities currently available.




Owls about 12 " tall. the one on the top is from barn wood and the one on the bottom is pine. $20.00


Raggedy Ann (there's Andy too) Come in 15, 20, 25 inch sizes, $1 per inch.36 inch sizes $40.00.


Moose. His sign also says "Welcome" on the back.    $50.00. 











Lighthouse made from pine timbers similar to landscape timbers. 40 inches tall. $40.00. Limited, only a couple left. Will no longer be made.